Happy New Year! All of us at ABE Paint TEAM wish you and your family a bright, healthy, and fulfilling 2015. 

You may have heard the rumor that we are offering 10% off all interior painting projects scheduled for February and March. We thought it might be worthwhile to briefly explain why we are making this offer, creating for you a small window into the world of our priorities and thought process as a business. 

Our motivation is built around these four specific reasons:
1.While the crisp winter air is refreshing, it really limits outside painting options. This cuts down quite a bit on the variety, and number, of jobs that we can take on during these four winter months.
2.We employ great team members with families. It is our goal to keep them working and able to provide for those who rely on them.
3.This is a wonderful time for interior painting! Thanks to our premium, environmentally-friendly and low-odor paint options, we can safely refresh the inside of your home without the need to open doors or windows.
4.We also want to pass this savings on to you as a way to simply say thank you both for your support and for taking advantage of this slower painting season. We want it to help you just as much as it helps us!
As always, we look forward to the pleasure of serving you, and we are grateful to be Your Painters for Life.
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Have a fantastic day!